2016 The Third National Signal Processing Technology Conference
Date of issue:03 Jun 2016
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In July 2016,the "2016 National Signal Processing Technology Conference and Annual Meeting of China Signal Processing Engineers" was held in Beijing. This meeting was more informative and focused than the previous two years, with the aim of further enhancing the communication between enterprises, universities and enterprises, R & D engineers and application engineers in the field of signal processing technology applications. It promoted the progress of signal processing technology and the application level to meet the needs of various industries.

During the conference, Prof. Wang of Sun Yat-sen University reported on the research and development of digital lock-in amplifier and its application, and analyzed the basic principle of lock-in amplifier, ultra-low noise processing, sinusoidal signal processing with high-precision and high signal-noise ratio. Prof. Wang alsoexpounded the applications in many fields such as optics, physics, electronics and obtained the high attention of experts in related fields.


Figure 1.The scene

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