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Date of issue:15 Feb 2023
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In order to thank our customers for their support and trust in Sine Scientific Instrument, and to promote the vigorous development of China's scientific research, our company will continue to reward scientific researchers who use Sine Scientific Instrument products and publish high-level academic articles, and we welcome all scientific researchers to participate!

Reward range

(a) The paper should be published in SCI core journals with publication date after January 1, 2023.

(b) This activity is only for our self-developed system products (see the table below), excluding other products for the time being.

(c) The paper should use the real data of our measurement and testing equipment as data support.

(d) the paper in the relevant experimental part of the company clearly labeled full name, equipment name, model and chart (if any). Example: In Chinese, it should read: OE1022 Lock-in Amplifier, Model OE1022, Guangzhou Sine Scientific Instrument Co., LTD or SSI-USA LLC.

(e) Allow us to use the figures and data in the original paper for publicity purposes. Our company promises to use the original content as the basis for factual publicity only, and will not make any secondary creations such as compilation and rewriting of the original content.

(f) The scope of products covered by the campaign: Lock-in amplifier series products.

Breakdown of awards

According to the National Science Library of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, which has developed the JCR division, the awards are categorized into four levels

Nature\Science and equivalent influence of the journal


Other journals in JCR Division 1 of CAS


CAS JCR Division 2


CAS JCR Division 3 or 4



1. The applicant is the main author of the paper;

2. Only one person can apply for the award for each paper, and our company will not bear any responsibility related to the award distribution;


This activity is initiated by Sine Scientific Instrument, aiming at thanking the users for their affirmation and support to our self-developed and produced instruments and equipments, and letting more people know and understand at the same time of boosting scientific research, we and our products are moving step by step towards being more precise and stronger, and ultimately going to the world!

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