Power Amplifier
Multi-Channel Power Amplifier
Max current: 200mA
Max output voltage: 400Vp-p
Bandwidth: DC~500kHz
Input impedance: 1MΩ
Number of channels: 1~4 (Optional)
DC offset: -97.5V~+97.5V
Voltage gain: 0~1600
USB interface, programme control

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OE4300 for Sine Scientific Instrument launched a multi-channel high-voltage power amplifier, its main role is to amplify low-power signals into high-power signals, OE4300 multi-channel high-voltage power amplifiers, each channel control can be independently selected, control amplifier amplification multiplier and voltage bias selection can be realised with a number of signal generators with the use of amplification of signals and the channels do not affect each other; usually used in MEMS testing, ultrasonic testing, electromagnetic field drive, radio energy transmission, and colleges and universities in electronic experiments such as test areas.

Hardware parameters

        Maximum current                              200mA

        Maximum Output Voltage                 400Vp-p (±200Vp-p)

        Bandwidth (-3db)                               DC~500kHz

        Input Impedance                                1MΩ

        Number of channels                           1~4(Optional)

        Signal ground                                     Connected with chassis and power line ground

Numerical Control Parameters

        Voltage Gain                                        0~1600 

        Voltage bias                                         -97.5V~+97.5V

        Channel selection                                CH1~CH4 channels are controlled individually.                

        Display function                                   OE4300 series adopts liquid crystal display, equipment status display and parameter setting control of each channel.

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