Electrochemical workstation
3MHz electrochemical workstation
Bandwidth: 0.1Hz~3MHz
Max current: ±300mA
Max voltage:±10V
Measurement accuracy:<0.5%
2- or 3- or 4-electrode configuration
Multiple channel 16-bit ADC
Potentiostat, Cyclic voltammetry, AC impedance
Performance parameter
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About SE1106

         SE1106 is the latest new generation of electrochemical workstation from Sine Scientific Instrument, providing an accurate measurement platform for researchers involved in the fields of physical electrochemistry, batteries, materials, life sciences, environmental protection, etc. SE1106 adopts a constant potential meter with all-digital feedback method, EIS working frequency up to 3MHz, and the basic measurement error is within 0.1% (in the range of impedance greater than 100kΩ, the test error is less than 1%). Three independent acquisition links, with adaptive filtering, amplification technology, the use of 16-bit, 10MSPS high-performance ADC, so that the measurement results have a high sensitivity and accuracy. (One of the acquisition links is an auxiliary path for users to collect external data, such as detecting electrolytic cell voltage, etc.).

Current Ranges

         The SE1106 has a maximum continuous operating current of ±300mA and a peak current of ±420mA, which meets most of the chemical applications. Meanwhile, the instrument's current range uses a high-precision, ultra-low-temperature-drift (±2ppm, typical) metal-foil resistor spanning multiple orders of magnitude, which ensures the instrument's accuracy and sensitivity over a wide range of currents (as low as several fA levels of current measurement).

Tank Voltage and Applied Potential

         The SE1106 has a maximum tank voltage of 10V and an applied potential of 10V, and the applied potential function utilizes an internal multi-stage digital attenuator to ensure the best instrument performance over the range of each applied potential.


         The SE1106 potentiometers are characterized by a wide frequency band and extremely high input impedance (TΩ level input resistance, sub-pF level input capacitance). When using high impedance reference electrodes, the extremely low input capacitance helps to ensure the stability of the measurement system, and the extremely high input impedance ensures that the theoretical maximum measurable impedance of the SE1106 is up to the TΩ level (when measuring certain paint characteristics, the impedance of the paint can be up to the giga-ohm level, so this parameter is not suitable for measuring the resistance of the paint). (This parameter is important when measuring certain paint properties, as the impedance of paints can reach the giga-ohm level). In addition, the SE1106 has a very low input current (<10pA), which greatly reduces the current flowing through the reference electrode, making it less prone to polarization and ensuring a constant potential.

Display Function

         The SE1106 uses a 4.3-inch, 480x272 resolution, true-color touch screen as the instrument's main display. This electrochemical workstation is capable of detecting data such as: X value, Y value, Z value of the signal.


Software Features

         SE1106 supporting excellent human-computer interaction software, with fast graphical buttons and rich graphical operation functions, in addition, the software has a clear list of parameters, real-time display of measurement data, measurement results can be used in tabular format and TXT text format output for subsequent analysis of professional software, so that the test at hand.

System Parameters

    Maximum current:                                ±300mA , ±420mA peak

    Maximum Applied Potential:                ±10V

    Electrode configuration:                       2,3,4 

    Signal acquisition:                                 three independent acquisition links, the use of adaptive filtering, amplification technology; using 16-bit, 10MSPS sampling rate ADC

    CA unit gain bandwidth:                       22MHz

    Rise time:                                               200V/us

    Electrostatic  bandwidth:                       10.5MHz, -3dB point

    Compliance Voltage:                              ±10V,

    Current axis bandwidth:                         300mA ~ 3mA > 10MHz

                                                                   30uA > 1.5MHz

                                                                   3uA > 0.15MHz

Voltage Measurement

    Measured voltage range:                        ±0.02V, ±0.05V, ±0.09V, ±0.023V, ±0.046V, ±2.28V, ±4.55V, ±10V

    Measurement voltage resolution:           0.0015% of measurement range

Current Measurement 

    Measured current range:                          ±228pA to ±300mArms

    Measurement current resolution:             0.0015% of measurement range, minimum 6.94fA

Constant Potentiostat

    Bandwidth:                                                  ≥3MHz

    Applied Potential Levels:                            ±10 mV, ±100 mV, ±1 V, ±10 V

    Applied potential resolution:                     0.0015% of applied potential range

EIS Measurement

    EIS Bandwidth:                                            0.1Hz to 3MHz

    Amplitude:                                                   5mVrms ~ 1Vrms

    Measurement accuracy:                              1%

Cyclic Voltammetry

    Initial potential:                                            -10V ~ +10V

    High potential:                                             -10V ~ +10V

    Low potential:                                              -10V to +10V

    Scanning rate:                                              0.001V/s ~ 10000V/s

    Sampling interval:                                        0.001V ~ 0.064V

Electrostatic meter

    Input impedance:                                          >100Tohm||0.2pF

    Input deviation current:                                 6pA

Auxiliary Function Parameters

    DC bias compensation:                                -10V to +10V

    DC bias voltage:                                           -10V ~ +10V

    RDE drive function:                                      -10V to +10V, 300mArms continuous

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