SINE Scientific Instruments received order of lock-in amplifiers from Steve Mann’s team again
Date of issue:10 Jul 2019
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Steve Mann is a tenured professor of electrical and computer engineering at the University of Toronto in Canada, a full time visiting professor of the department of electrical engineering at Stanford University. He is internationally recognized as one of the founders of the wearable computer, known as the “The Father of The Wearable Computer”. Steve Mann Dedicates to the integration of scientific research, invention, art and design. He is described by the industry as the modern Leonardo Da Vinci.

Steve Mann’s team used the phase-locked amplifier developed by our company in the field of ultrasonic medium and virtual reality enhancement technology in the University of Toronto in Canada and Silicon Valley in the United States.


Figure 1.Lock-in amplifier is used in ultrasonic medium detection in the University of Toronto. Instruments in the bottom left corner is the lock-in amplifier developed by SINE Scientific Instruments


Figure 2.Lock-in amplifier is used in virtual reality enhancement technology in Silicon Valley.

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