SSI communicates with SRS, Zurich Instruments and other peer companies at The APS Meeting
Date of issue:15 May 2019
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The APS (American Physical Society) March Meeting 2019 was held in Boston Convention and Exhibition Center (BCEC) in Massachusetts. American Physical Society organized the meeting. Over 11,000 attendees arrive for this convention, exhibit their work and explore groundbreaking research from industry, academia, and major labs. SINE Scientific Instruments was invited to the meeting.

In the industry of lock-in amplifier, Stanford Research Systems Inc. is the most reputable company, the superb quality of their product SR830 set the industry benchmark. The OE1022 of SINE Scientific Instruments (adopts the framework of FPGA+ARM, with better A/D conversion accuracy as well as higher sampling rate), can realize at least equivalent performance to the product SR830.  At the meeting, experts of Stanford Research Systems asked about the Dual Channels Lock-in Amplifier OE1022D as well as eight channels product of our company and said that they would recommend our products to other companies.


Figure 1: Director of Sales of SRS (Stanford Research Systems) David R.Ams comes to the booth of SINE Scientific Instruments to exchange information about products

In the industry of lock-in amplifier, Zurich Instruments is the first one in the world to develop the 50M bandwidth lock-in amplifier, Zurich Instruments and SINE Scientific Instruments have interacted and communicated with each other for years. In 2011, Mr.Sadic, the CEO of Zurich Instruments, discussed with Dr Jack Wang (Associate professor of the Sun Yat-sen University) about the technology of the lock-in amplifier. In 2012, technician of Zurich Instruments paid a visit to the Sun Yat-sen University and demonstrated the technique of high-frequency lock-in amplifier.

At this APS (American Physical Society) Meeting, sales and technician of Zurich Instruments visited the booth of SINE Scientific Instruments, and take a group photo. Staffs of two companies congratulated each other for the development in industry and expressed wishes for a better future.


Figure 2: Jim Philips of Zurich Instruments visits the booth of Sine Scientific Instruments and exchange opinions with our staffs.

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