Sun Yat-Sen University innovative lab is called "the capital of lock-in amplifier"
Date of issue:12 Jul 2017
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On May 14, 2017, Steve Mann, the father of wearable computer in the world and a professor at the University of Toronto, visited our Laboratory. Professor Steve Mann was a graduate of MIT media lab early in his career. He was the first scientist in the world to propose a wearable computer, and had numerous innovations that influenced the entire computer industry .

Professor Steve Mann made a special trip from Beijing to Guangzhou and visited the Sun Yat-sen University's innovative laboratory that engaged in weak signal detection instruments and gave an academic report (Figure 1). During the report, Prof. Mann held talks with Prof. Zhou, senior professor of physics, Prof. Ho, professor of physics and astronomy, Prof. Su and Prof. Wang from School of Electronics and Information Engineering.

After report, Prof Mann exchange with professor Wang and related engineering staff for more than one hour in the  innovative lab (figure 2).  Prof Mann is a loyal user of SSI. He uesd most of the lock-in amplifiers in the world and was most satisfied with the lock-in amplifier provided by Sine Scientific Instruments. Prof Mann was very excited when he saw the lock-in amplifiers from various companies around the world in our lab and foud a team of more than 20 engineers studying this technology.  "We are in the capital of the lock-in amplifier of the world."


Figure 1: Prof Mann Academic Report Site 


Figure 2: Prof Mann's skillful operation of the lock-in amplifier while communicating related technology


Figure 3: Prof Mann and members of innovation Lab of Sun Yat-sen University

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