Sine Scientific Instruments attended the 10th Seminar on Experimental Lecture in Physics
Date of issue:17 Aug 2017
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The 10th Seminar on Experimental Lecture in Physics for National Colleges and Universities was held from July 29th to August 2nd in Qingdao, Shandong Province. There are more than 500 physics teaching experts from 206 universities in China to attend the conference. Sine Scientific Instruments showcase the products it developed independently, namely the OE series of Lock-In Amplifier and assorted Weak Signal Detection Experiment Box, Optical Chopper and other products. At the same time, Sine Scientific Instruments has made a report on modern physics and comprehensive experiment, which has been widely concerned by teachers and experts from various universities.

At present, the weak signal detection teaching experiment box of Sine Scientific Instrument had been promoted in various universities, such as University of Science and Technology of China (USTC), Fudan University and so on. At the closing ceremony of the conference, professor Wu sicheng, honorary chairman of the Seminar on Experimental Lecture in Physics for National Colleges and Universities, praised the Phase-locked amplifier technology independently developed by Sine Scientific Instrument and the action of promoting weak signal teaching to colleges and universities.


Figure 1. The participating teachers understood the weak signal teaching experiment box


Figure 2. The exhibition site


Figure 3. The product manager of Sine Scientific Instruments made reports

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