Lock-In Amplifiers of Sine Scientific Instruments in Global Innovation Exchange Conference
Date of issue:15 Nov 2017
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2017 Chengdu Global Innovation Exchange Conference brings together a number of the world's innovation giants, including our user, "the father of wearable computers," Stephen Mann.


Figure 1:  Innovation giants in the world

The lock-in amplifier OE1022 of the SSI team demonstrated its application in virtual reality amplification at the 2017 Chengdu Global Innovation Exchange Conference. Figure 2 shows Professor Stephen Mann (second from left) demonstrating virtual reality amplification technology to Sichuan Governor (first from left) to spread sound waves in the air. The bottom right corner of the figure is the OE1022, a lock-in amplifier developed by Sine Scientific Instruments.


Figure 2: Applicatin of the OE1022 at  the 2017 Chengdu Global Innovation Exchange Conference

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