SINE Products
1 Channel Lock-in Amplifier
DC to 300MHz frequency
25ns to 30ks time constants
1V full-scale sensitivity
Multiple-harmonic measurement
2 Channel Lock-in Amplifier
DC to 300MHz frequency
25ns to 30ks time constants
2 independent lock-in units,
Multiple-harmonic measurement
Module Lock-in Amplifier
DC to 100/500 kHz
Time constant 1us to 3ks
5nV/√Hz  input noise
Up to 8 demodulators

Source Meter Unit
0.012% basic measure accuracy
6.5 digit measure resolution
V-ranges:20 mV~200V
Resolution (I/V:10 fA/10 nV
Support 2-channel
Compatible with KEITHLEY 2450

Electrochemical workstation
Bandwidth: 0.1Hz~3MHz
Max current: ±300mA
Max voltage:±10V
Measurement accuracy:<0.5%
Compatible with 2, 3, 4 electrode structure
Multiple 16-bit high-precision ADC synchronous sampling
Support constant potential meter, cyclic voltammetry, AC impedance method
Power Amplifier
Max current: 200mA
Max output voltage: 400Vp-p
Bandwidth: DC~500kHz
Input impedance: 1MΩ
Number of channels: 1~4 (Optional)
DC offset: -97.5V~+97.5V
Voltage gain: 0~1600
USB interface, programme control

DC to 50MHz frequency
2nV/√Hz input voltage noise
60fA/√Hz input voltage noise
Current and voltage optional
OE4201 Current Source
Voltage Controlled Current Source
1 Hz to 100 kHz frequency
2mA/V and 200mA/V gain
Input range 5mVrms to 0.5Vrms
Current from 10 uA to 100 mA
Optical Chopper
1Hz~10kHz chopping frequencies
High-precision phase-locked loop
Various types of blade options
LCD display,USB remote control

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