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Without fear of the epidemic,SSI’s Mr. Dong bravely went to the APS venue.

On February 29, 2020, the outbreak of COVID-19, SSI's Mr. Dong bravely went to the scene of APS conference in Colorado, USA.

      The COVID-19 outbreak in February 2020, the company's CEO Jack Wang Ph. D. (Associate Professor of SYSU) and the head of the North American region called Mr. Dong (responsible for sales and technical support in North America), discussed whether the March 2020 APS meeting would be canceled.Based on the extent of the spread of the virus in the  United States at that time, he believed that the APS meeting could be attended under normal protection. Dr. Jack Wang advised him to reconsider and to take his safety into account, but Mr. Dong said he was still determined to go to the APS meeting.

      On February 29, when Mr. Dong had just arrived in Denver, he immediately received a message from a Professor of Rice University (the customer of OE1022D dual channel lock-in amplifier) - that unfortunately the APS meeting was canceled to ensure everyone’s safety. In order to find out the specific reasons for the cancellation of the meeting, Mr. Dong then decided to go to the venue and take photos:


Figure 1: the APS registry is vacant and the registration materials are ready, but they have to be canceled and returned to the attendees.


Figure 2: All of the companies scientific instruments have been put into boxes for us and have been sent to their designated location. APS will be sending them back automatically as the next step in the cancellation process.

      From what we understand, there are tens of thousands of APS participants, among which more than 700 registered personnel come from countries with level III travel warning because of the COVID-19. If the meeting had not been canceled, there would have been an inevitable risk of virus infection. Considering the overall situation, the APS organizing committee decided to cancel the meeting and promised all participants to refund their registration fees. We understand and support the decision of the APS organizing committee; and appreciate they have taken the correct action in ensuring all of our safety.  


Figure 3: Mr. Dong took a photo at the entrance to the conference center.


Figure 4: The Colorado Garden & Home Show at the same Convention and Exhibition Center as APS was still in progress and would be open.

      During this epidemic situation, we shall strive to further continue to contribute to the development of China's and the international scientific research! Finally, our company regretted not being able to attend the APS conference, but also for the harm caused by the epidemic to the people of the world.   

      I wish everyone around the world to be safe and be able to get through this trying time peacefully.